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ZVS is a Slovenian non-profit consumer advocacy group. We sincerely believe that the e-cigarette industry will survive and help thousands or even millions of people around the world to switch from tobacco to a less harmful alternative, and benefit from many advantages of the new technology.

We hope to provide sufficient resources and information, and give the community and the government sufficient grounds to consider in passing laws on e-cigarettes. It is our goal to educate the public, media and government officials, address concerns about the electronic cigarettes and their safety, and dispel misconceptions and misinformation regarding these products. It is critical that the government and public health institutions adopt less harmful tobacco products and provide education, services and other measures in order to preserve the public health and safety.

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We are monitoring legislation involving the harm reduction products. We are enabling consumers to directly connect with the legislators.


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We are advocating for e-cigarettes at various institutions, and mediating between users and other institutions.


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We are sharing news, studies, calls for action and legislative information through social media and e-mail.


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We are promoting responsible anti-tobacco legislative policy which admits that smokeless nicotine products are significantly less harmful than smoking.